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Would you like to try the amazing feeling of free fall in the safety of wind tunnel with professional experienced coaches? Then you're in the right place. Experience what it feels like to fly in the only circular glass flight chamber in the world!

After a short briefing and without any special training you can try a flight under the supervision of a professional instructor. Our vertical wind tunnel is modified for beginning flyers, stable stream of air at a speed of around 200 km/h corresponds to a real free fall!

ALL INCLUSIVE package 6 min
Program for those who have no experience with Indoor Skydiving and would like to try it. Complete training and coaching by professional skydiving coach + safety instructor, loan of equipment and experience 4x 1.5 minutes inputs (1 minute of free fall roughly corresponds to one jump out of a plane). The price incudes DVD with video from your flight as a nice memory and video debriefing from each flight! In the case of health limitations, please contact us.

As soon as you experience the first 30minutes of indoor skydiving at our or any other windtunnel, you can join the SPORT FLIGHT sessions!